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Introducing 'Higham Community Enterprises'

We told you in August that we had been approached by Cartwrights with regard to our interest in the pub. We told them the community are interested in buying it and made an offer. They replied to say that they were prepared to discuss options although inevitably declining our first offer. In a positive move, Cartwrights have said they are willing to maintain negotiations with us about purchasing the pub, so we have continued to engage with them to try to secure a suitable agreement to buy the pub for the community.

Cartwrights also told us they were looking at a revised proposal and a new planning application that would be submitted during September. That has still not materialised but we are expecting them to do very something soon!

They did do another leaflet drop very soon after our discussions, indicating they had revised their initial plans although did not clearly indicate the scope of the plans. Their leaflet did not indicate any viable pub option or any information about the intentions for the surrounding area.

We know it continues to take time and progress appears to be slow but rest assured that we've been in touch with other groups where communities have bought pubs in very similar situations. The steering group are working towards being ready to seize our opportunity!


The Steering Group have led the campaign to save the pub as a local community hub. As part of this project are in the process of registering a Community Benefit Society called Higham Community Enterprises. We are now looking for members of the community to pledge to buy shares in the Society, which will formally make an offer for the pub. We will be sharing more about this very soon, once we have finalised the CBS share documents. This will allow the Steering Group to show the level of support we have when progressing the bid alongside seeking funding from other sources.

When the time comes, we will market our community share offer as widely as possible, with the structure of the CBS ensuring that local people will remain in control of the society and its pub.


For more information or to be put on the circulation list contact Kate on secretary.theoddies@gmail.com .

You can also share our info and spread the word using the contact page on our new website: https://savetheoddiespub.wixsite.com/stop

Posted: Fri, 04 Dec 2020 11:46 by Alison Perkins

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