Recycling getting easier from 1st April 2018

Recycling is set to get even easier

RECYCLING for residents across the borough is set to become even easier from next month.

From 1 April, Hinckley and Bosworth residents will no longer need to separate paper and card from other recyclable materials using the inner caddy. Instead, paper, card, plastics, glass and cans can all be put together in the main blue lidded recycling bin.

The changes are being made as the contract with the company which was previously recycling for the council comes to an end in March. It follows a full service review which looked at what would be most convenient for residents, encourage even more recycling and provide the best value for money for taxpayers.

So from April, recycling collections will be brought in-house and carried out by the council's own employees, meaning there will be more control over this service.

Changing shopping habits mean more people shop on-line and have more card for recycling. This change means more space for card in the recycling bin. The caddies were also frequently damaged, which became inconvenient to residents and costly for the council to replace.

The black inner caddies will be removed by the council's crews during the last collection in March and a new recycling information sticker will be placed on blue lidded recycling bins at the same time telling residents about the change.

However, residents are being reminded that they will need to keep paper and card separate until their caddy is removed. Bins with paper and card mixed with other recycling will not be emptied before 1 April.

Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services at the Borough Council, Councillor Mark Nickerson, said: "By collecting everything together, the efficiency of the collections will be boosted and even more recycling can be picked up as residents will find it more convenient to put all items in their recycling bin.

Posted: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 11:05 by Janet Robinson

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